Friday, December 11, 2009

Now for the Good

Now if I can stop the tears from rolling down my cheeks, I want to tell you all the good things that have happened. First, Christy Skaggs accepted me on her CT. I was CT'ing for Shannon Harris until she retired. I love Christy's designs and her team is great. Please check out her kits at GDS. Then, more joy, after entering the Supreme Team Contest at GDS for the 5th time, I was finally selected. YAY. I love working with the kits and it definitely stretches my LO skills and makes me think out of the box. It is a 3 month assignment and I love it! And right now I have my fingers crossed that I will finally become a designer. I have entered the GingerBread Ladies contest at I have been taking design classes for several years and play around making things for myself and my sister, but now I am hoping to really be able to design. Gingerscraps is a wonderful site. I entered their Survivor contest awhile back and even though I did not win, I think one of my favorite LOs of all time is the one I did of myself eating bugs. It is such a hoot!


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Debbie said...

ROFLMAO! What were you thinking eating bugs? Oh gross LOL!!! Love your layout though, it's top notch!!